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Beautiful Laminate Floors

    I install ALL "snap & lock" laminate floors for just $1.35 per square foot. Yes, that's the best price in town, and sometimes, when things get slow, I even come down to $1.20 per foot. Installation of any doorway transition pieces you have will be included in this price.

    The only additional charges are, if you would like me to remove your carpet, pad, and tack strip, and haul it to your curb, the charge will be $35.00 for rooms smaller than 200 S.F., or $50.00 per room larger than 200 S.F. Also, if you would like me to install quarter-round after the floor is finished, the price for labor will be the same as carpet removal.


​Engineered & Solid Hardwoods

   I install Glue-At-Seam Engineered Lumber and Solid Hardwoods for $1.89 per square foot. The reason they cost more, is because engineered lumber usually has to be glued together at the edges, requiring more time and cleanup during the installation process, and because they are much smaller pieces that the laminates, requiring a lot more time for installation.

   Glued-Down Solid Hardwoods ($2.39 Labor) have the same additional requirements, with the difference of the floating aspect. These are glued down to the slab and are not considered floating floors. They must be weighed down in spots and taped together during installation, requiring more time and attention. These are NOT "do-it-yourself" floors. 

Custom Tile & Marble Installation

   I rarely advertise this anymore, because I simply don't work as cheap as the other installers in the field do.

    If you want a high quality installation performed by an expert, and you understand you're going to pay more for that quality and experience than you are for the average "tile guy", give me a call. My prices start at $3.00 per S.F. for straight lay floors, $4.00  for diagonal floors, and fireplaces and back-splashes will be bid on site.

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