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About Me

     Yup, it's me. The guy who crawls around on floors for a living.
 Thought I would tell you a little about myself, the industry, and some
  of  the players in the field.
    I am 50 years old, and have been installing laminate and engineered
wood floors since the first Pergo products hit the market 30 years ago.
They were not good products, made from very unstable composites,
they buckled and fell apart at the first sign of moisture. They have come a long way. Most laminates use more plastic resins in their composites today, making them more tolerant of moisture, and in some cases, even self-correcting.

    Why hire me? Several reasons. Not only do I have the best prices in the area, (yes, my competitors will tell you I can't do it for the price I ask), I also have, in most probability, more experience than any other installer in the area.
    You can hire Home Depot, Lowes, or Lumber Liquidators, but here's the thing; You're going to pay them at least $3 per foot by the time you get all of their charges (get a bid from them and see) , and they're just going to hire the cheapest installers they can find to do the job, to maximize their profits. If there is a problem, and you were relying on them to stand by their guarantee, they are going to send you the same guy who created the problem in the first place. They have to, he's already been paid and they aren't about to pay twice for it.

    I WAS an installer for Home Depot. They just don't pay their installers enough to keep anybody with experience and skill. I am a huge fan of Home Depot products, but there really is no such thing as a "Home Depot Installer". We're all the same independent contractors you're going to find anywhere else, for less money.

    What about the other guys on Well, most of them only do a small handful of laminate floors in a given year, and they have to charge more because they simply don't have the experience to work quickly, professionally, and profitably, at the same time. In fact, a couple of them used to work for me, and I had to fire them. Without naming names, I can tell you these guys lie in their ads about their experience, about being bonded and insured, and in the interest of self preservation, about me. Get references. Not 3. Ask for a dozen references and watch for the look they give you. Any good installer can give you a dozen references from the last 90 days. I am certain I am not the only good, honest installer in town, but I am one of few.

    These days I have a couple of excellent fellow installers who have been working with me for a combined 16 years +. Russell & Phillip can lay floors in their sleep and are always a pleasure to be around. I'm sure you'll agree.

    I'm glad you've stopped by for a visit. Please take a look at my gallery. This site limits me to one page of pix, so you have to hit the "more" button at the bottom of the gallery page to view more pix. There are pix of my laminates, custom tile work, and custom mosaics. Enjoy. God Bless. - Sean Michael McReynolds. (409) 678-3025   -

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